We all know popcorn is one of the best snack foods on the planet, so what better to pair with it than beer? We all know beer and popcorn go hand in hand, things even get better when you start to add specialty flavours. So why not combine the two and offer a popcorn and beer tasting at your next event, party or just with a few friends. So why not do something new and exciting and expand your flavour profile, who knows maybe you’ll end up liking a beer or popcorn flavour you have never tried before. Below you will find some helpful hints, tips, and tricks to starting your own beer and popcorn pairing party. How to Pair Popcorn with Beer If you’re interested in hosting a popcorn and beer tasting experience, your best strategy to create pairings will be to simply sit down with a lot of options and see what works well together. Beer is easier to match with flavors than wine, and you’re unlikely to create a combination that your guests will entirely dislike. But there are a few things to consider to make the best matches possible. Try pairing like with like. Match lighter beers with subtly flavored popcorn. Heavier brews like porters and stouts can be paired with richer flavors.[Text Wrapping Break] Go for contrast. The complete opposite can also be true: A simple light lager can go well with a strong popcorn flavor.[Text Wrapping Break] Fruit and spice are nice. If you have a beer with hints of fruit or with a strong fruity flavour to it, maybe combine it with Sriracha popcorn, there’s something about this flavor combination that will delight your taste buds.[Text Wrapping Break] While thinking about your pairings, also consider visual presentation. You want to keep your guests interested, so make sure you’ve got some popcorn flavors that draw visual attention, not just varieties that resemble ordinary movie theater popcorn.[Text Wrapping Break] The same goes for the beer pairings: choose ales and lagers that look different from each other. This will also help put your attendees at ease; since people have very distinct beer preferences and not everyone likes IPAs, stouts, or sours, a wide variety is best. It is probably best to set aside a good portion of a day to work on gathering a few beers, as well as a variety of gourmet popcorn flavours. By setting aside a few hours you can taste each and popcorn combo and see how well each of the combinations will work together, and how aesthetically pleasing you can make them for your guests. Just remember that life is too short to drink boring beer and eat bland popcorn!